Massage Therapist | Kalispell, Montana

Welcome! Hailing from the State of Maine, I earned a massage therapy certification from the New Hampshire Institute of Therapeutic Arts~School of Massage Therapy, in 1999. I then practiced full-time as a State of Maine Licensed Massage Therapist, until I moved to Montana in 2015. Additional to my massage therapy education and experience, a bachelor degree in community health education has provided an array of tools which have helped hundreds of massage clients to make positive health choices/life changes. I love helping people through massage therapy, it is a great joy to witness how impact-full massage therapy can be for a variety of causes.

My massage treatments consist of: neuromuscular therapy, trigger point therapy, deep tissue, Swedish massage, and abdominal massage for women’s health issues. I have worked for and with chiropractors, acupuncturists, doctors of osteopathy, several day-spas, and with partner licensed massage therapists. Though, most of my hands-on massage time has been in private practice, with referrals from the above mentioned practitioners. Massage therapy has been a journey, my greatest teachers have been colleagues and clients. I have treated many athletes, sports injury rehab clients, chronic pain clients, and for women’s reproductive health issues with success. I can provide that deep healing, melt into the table, incredibly relaxing massage, yet most of my clients see me to disable pain-patterns.

Additional to my life’s work as a licensed massage therapist, I very much enjoy working for Swan Mountain Outfitters as their Marketing Coordinator. I am a mom, wife, career woman, massage therapist, and outdoor adventure enthusiast. Finding balance is a constant in both my own life, and in helping my massage clients to do the same. 


“Katie gives a phenomenal massage. The quality of her care is amazing. Over the many years I’ve gone to her for massage, she’s often intuited what my body needed, even if I myself couldn’t articulate what that was. I HIGHLY recommend her and can’t wait to get back to Montana to book a massage with her.”

Girlin Hergarden | Industry, Maine
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